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the SEVERED HEAD OF STATE livejournal community

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2/27/09 01:25 am - syndicalist - Radio Schizo's debut on-air in Austin, Fri., Feb. 28, 5-7 PM EST

Many of you might remember my Radio Schizo podcast - http://www.radioschizo.org

February 28, tomorrow, Friday night, 5 PM - 7 PM, Central Standard Time, Kaos Radio, locally 95.9 FM in Austin, will broadcast "In The Throws of Resistance," an underground DIY hc/punk/garage radio show, half of which will be hosted by yours truly under the Radio Schizo aegis.

You can listen online @ 5 PM - 7 PM CST, FRIDAY NIGHT @ http://www.kaosradioaustin.org/

They did a Bill Hicks tribute last night.

I'm going to try to podcast-archive it. If anyone is on a Mac and wants to "tape" it to their hard drive using Audio Hijack or something, that would rock.

In any event, I will try to cover a lot of ground between what I consider 'real' MODERN (post-2001) hc/punk and stuff that links it to the culturally subversive rock 'n roll, garage rock, etc., tradition at-large.


3/26/06 03:51 am - syndicalist - Can you recommend me...

...any punk/hc songs about wars in the Mid-East, the war on terror, etc.? I'm compiling them for a radio show.

8/10/05 07:31 pm - spilltheblood - Help

Hi all,

My band, One Nation Under God wants to cover Severed Head Of State's "Hammering The Nails". However, I do not own the "Anthema Device" cd, I just have it downloaded. If anyone could get me the lyrics to this song, that would be fucking spectacular.

Many thanks in advance.

1/27/05 12:46 am - spilltheblood

1/20/05 02:37 am - spilltheblood - No Love Lost.

No Love Lost is much better than anything else SHOS have released.

This stuff is great. I especially like the C.o.C. cover. Good shit.


1/17/05 12:21 am - syndicalist

10/5/04 10:01 pm - spilltheblood

who is the singer on the 'no love lost' ep? is it the same guy that sings in world burns to death?

9/10/04 02:44 am - spilltheblood

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Discuss and enjoy. :)

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